Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Have Mercy On Me, Father Goose!

Well, it was an honor just to be nominated. Oh, wait. No one was nominated. I volunteered. Ok, well it's been an honor to be in the company of so many amazing authors for the March Madness Poetry Competition!

in a nutshell- we are all assigned a random (read: totally insane) word that we MUST incorporate into a kid friendly poem of 8 lines or less. That's round one. Among the 64 of us are names like Jane Yolen, Kenn Nesbitt and Eric Ode. I am pitted against Charles Ghigna, aka Father Goose and quite possibly, am going down in flames. Though ya just never know, right?! Yay for subjective opinions!

If you want to check out our match....and/or the contest here:

And wish me luck!


  1. TSH -
    Be brave and bold!
    I could not figure out seeds and brackets for the life of me.
    Cook that Goose!
    - CAM

  2. Haha! Yes, I feel like Ed is an actual genius to have created this whole thing. Mind blowing. Thanks for your support! :-D

  3. Oh, how fun! Too bad you didn't get the word "oven"

    1. Oh, "oven" would have been a lifesaver! Well, minus the 8 line maximum. :-D

  4. A Tiffany lamp never goes down in flames.
    I voted for you, and my friends did too. ;-)
    Seriously, I enjoyed your poem a lot.
    All best to you and your bright future.

  5. Thank you so much! You're awesome. And so are your friends! :-D